Clifford Capital 2021 Annual Review

The 2021 year-end review was held on Tuesday, February 8th at 11:00AM EST. For compliance reasons, registration is required at Clifford 2021 Review Registration

2021 was a volatile tug-of-war competition between value and growth equities with “everyone-a-winner” but growth finishing in lights out fashion. Most major indexes were up 20%+. While such equity performance would be very strong in any given year, these kinds of returns during a global pandemic was particularly surprising. The year seemed to have bubble-type exuberance characterized by crypto, meme stocks, and anything stamped electric vehicle. And growth valuations continue to be at all-time highs. Is this sustainable or is it time to take some gains and diversify into other areas of the market?

In this webinar we discuss:

  1. Where are markets relative to historical norms?
  2. There is no “threat” of inflation, it is here.
  3. How far into a Value Equity recovery are we? How far into a Growth Equity “recovery” are we?
  4. If advisors have diversified into Value Equity Managers, are they delivering when it counts?
  5. How is Clifford Capital Partners positioned to take advantage of what we see as a generational opportunity?

For Institutional Investors Only – Not Intended for Retail Audiences. The potential for profits is accompanied by possibility of loss. Past performance does not indicate future results.