Clifford Capital Partners 2022 Q3 Review Webinar

The Third Quarter was a continuation of a very difficult time for equities in 2022. Violence in leadership for different segments of equity markets has made this year unique. And where we are headed has proven to be nebulous at best. But the opportunities to us seem clear and significant. In this webinar we will cover:

  1. Performance this quarter and how it fits into a bigger picture.
  2. This quarter has shown that our blend of Core Value and Deep Value stocks works. We will detail why.
  3. This market is not normal. We see continued extreme bifurcation between areas where we believe a bubble is still popping and where there are generational upside opportunities.
  4. We think today there are significant inefficiencies to exploit for those who are looking. How are we positioned and how will it help portfolios?

Clifford 3Q22 Webinar Registration