A Different Kind of Asset Management Company

Named in memory of an inspirational individual, the Clifford Capital Partners team strives to emulate the qualities of focus, discipline and prudence exemplified by the late Clifford Pierson, whose legacy gift helped launch our boutique firm.

We share ownership interests broadly across our organization and we treasure our independence as a bulwark to maintaining complete alignment between our interests and those of our clients.

We take pride in our ability and in our responsibility to our clients to set a course independent of the investment community, as warranted, and always on the basis of clear investment fundamentals. We will never take a contrarian turn solely for the purpose of being different. We will, however, continue to follow our high convictions in pursuit of greater safety and opportunity for our clients.

Clifford Capital Partners is an SEC-registered investment advisor, formed in 2010 and operating from the Salt Lake City area. Our boutique organization brings together a focused team of experienced professionals.

We carry a commitment to transparency and candor in all we do. In this way, investing with Clifford is truly a partnership and shared experience.

We look forward to putting our organization to work for the successful achievement of your investment objectives.

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