High Conviction Investing

At Clifford Capital Partners we believe the potential of our best investment ideas should not be diluted by those that are second or third best. For that reason, we manage concentrated, high conviction portfolios.

We are pure value investors. We believe rigorous fundamental research and strict investment discipline yield exceptional results.

We chart our own course, often on a path contrary to the current direction favored by the street. In this way we follow the courage of high convictions, managing investment portfolios marked by:

High margin of safety – Every holding begins with margin of safety — a significant, quantifiable discount between stock price and intrinsic value.

Concentration – We invest in our highest conviction ideas. Our portfolios are characterized by distinct allocations away from benchmark weights and holdings leading to high active share.

A balance of core value and deep value holdings – We match a set of undervalued, high quality companies with a separate set of more opportunistic holdings. Effective diversification — The combination of two distinct and complementary value styles within a single concentrated portfolio holds potential to improve the risk-reward profile of a strategy.

Historically, the Clifford Capital Partners approach has resulted in a favorable return pattern as measured by returns, volatility or a combination of the two.

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