This blog will give the inside scoop of what it is like to be part of a small institutional investment management firm in bite-sized pieces.

For the record, we are not actually a startup. The firm has been around for almost 10 years. Some of you get the visual that I joined a guy with a Bloomberg in his garage. Not the case. There are seven of us at the firm and we outsource as appropriate so that our small firm can operate with the bones of an institutional quality operation. We have some institutional clients that are very large (yes, you’ve heard of them) that have done DEEP due diligence on us and their operational due diligence teams have visited us multiple times on-site. They have made many recommendations over the years for both back office systems and security practices. And we have invested heavily in infrastructure to meet their high expectations.

We have just over $200mm in AUM as of 9/30/19 (~$250mm if you include AUA – tiny for an institutional investment management firm), most of us are equity shareholders, and we have a fast-paced exciting culture. That is why I call us a startup. The feel of the firm has an “all hands on deck” mentality every day. Not in the sense of urgency, but in that we all love what we do, pull in the same direction, trust each other, help where needed, and never lack things to do. And we all have enough grey hair (except for Heather and Kristina) to know how rare of a culture this is. IT IS FUN!

Each person here fills a specific role and is talented, motivated, and excited. We are laser-focused on alpha, dedicated with client service, and CELEBRATE every win. In a very real sense, every client matters and is treated like family. I’ve never had more fun in my career. And that is why we are a real-time success story. I have no doubt we will grow in AUM and believe the track record of our strategies and need for us in client portfolios speaks for itself. We simply need to get the word out.

I truly believe that these are the days that we will all look back on in ten years and say “wasn’t that just a blast?” So while we stay busy, we also are very deliberate in protecting our culture, enjoying the ride, and smelling the roses every day.

Stay tuned for Vol 2.