Value Investing

We are disciplined institutional bottom up value investors.  We create concentrated high active share portfolios and seek to invest in companies that have intrinsic values above their current market price.

Our Edge

We believe our philosophy to be sound and our strategy unique, but it is only repeatable if research personnel have the right temperament to maintain discipline in volatile markets.

We believe our blend of Core and Deep Value companies, our ability to identify Key Theses Points™ (long-term business catalysts), and our ability to opportunistically overweight Deep Value Companies is unique in the marketplace. These are key ingredients in the “secret sauce” of our strategies.

Deep Value

when opportunity presents to drive additional alpha

Key Thesis

identified in bottom up analysis and will act as catalysts to drive stock price towards true value

Blend of Core Value and Deep Value Sleeves of Portfolio

most strategies are one or the other

News & Insights

We are committed to a transparent and open partnership with our clients.

Capital Allocators Podcast

We are thrilled to share this Clifford Capital profile from the Capital Allocators Podcast with Ted Seides. It details the genesis of the Clifford Capital equity relationship

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